CPCS International

Around 75 children visit Morang Regional Center every day. CPCS provides them with homework support, extracurricular activities, sports program as well as library and public awareness programs on a daily basis. The organization also helps them being aware about food and nutrition thanks to the snacks given.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 infections are on the rise again, this is why children also need to be reminded of the importance of wearing masks and being careful about their hygiene.

SFWF joint field visit

Yesterday, CPCS staff organized a SFWF joint field visit in Kathmandu valley. No less than six organization members participated in the program. The visit included Ratnapark, Thamel, Pashupati, Gothataar, and Balaju buspark where the participants met almost 50 youths and their families and had conversations with them. Some of them are really suffering from the consequences of the COVID-19. They are facing serious difficulties due to the pandemic: they are jobless, have thus no income, and lack food.

Educational tour

Last week, the children visited various places in Dolakha, such as Bhimeshwar Temple, Tripura Sundari Temple, Champuja Park or even the View Tower, thanks to educational tour programs. They were very happy for participating to this visit and getting the chance to learn a lot.  CPCS staff would like to thank them as well as the workers of the hotel near Bhimeshwar Temple who provided the children with free juice, biscuits and water.

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