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Half-yearly progress report: January-June 2020

This report is published in the context of Covid-19.

This report aims to highlight our actions and progresses made since the beginning of the year. The pandemic has brought many challenges for our teams, and the children and families we support. For many children, this pandemic will change for ever their life. There are indeed not only endangered by the contagion of Covid-19 and the lack of medical equipment but also by all the repercussions that Covid-19 will have on many families: financial losses, job losses, death of caregivers…Many things lead children to end up on the streets and Covid-19 is multiplying those reasons.
This pandemic emphasizes vividly the necessity of our work. It is indeed in those contexts of extreme conditions that our actions of preventions and awareness regarding the life on the street make the most sense. However, although we are seeing significant progress in the families we work with in the place of children, our work is far from over. The difficulties have multiplied for families that are sometimes already in a bad position and it is also our duty to help them in every possible way. Thus, by taking the necessary precautions to protect our teams, we have not only followed up on the children, but also distributed relief packages, dignity kits and moral support.
It is our duty to multiply our efforts to forestall children of the street’s dangers. Our actions have been taken hand in hand with partner organisations and the three networks of which we are members: Dynamo International, Child Safe Alliance and Consortium for street children. Our partners and donors have been supporting our actions and we are very grateful for the additional help we have been able to receive. We would also like to highlight and applaud the extraordinary involvement of our team, who once again demonstrated their efficiency and dedication.
Although this report is an overview of our actions for the beginning of the year, we remain forward-looking and we reiterate the need for our future actions to be sustained as well.

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