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Final exams

The exam period is now over in Dakshinkali basic school, in Kathmandu. Bags were distributed by municipality to the most successful children across classes.

The last terminal exams took place in Shree Singha Devi and Sahid Smirti basic schools, in addition of routine general health check-ups. It is also the case for Shree Janata secondary school. In Shree Siddhababa secondary school, in Sindhuli, children were taught about how to properly wear masks and wash hands properly just before winter vacation.

BHCA program efficiency

After the 20th parents meeting in Kutidanda and BHCA team encounter in Godawari, the BHCA program is becoming more efficient. Indeed, the BHCA program introduced Child right and Child abuse awareness classes, as mentioned in the new calendar, in the center of Kathmandu. About 75 children improved their mind on these sensitive topics. In parallel, in Dolakha, children prepare themselves for their second terminal exam and get hygiene checked, while others spend their holidays at CPCS, playing games and reading books.

Vaccination and Christmas period

The covid vaccination campaign of BHCA is effective in 57 districts. In Kutidanda Secondary School, in Dolakha, the Moderna vaccine has been injected for students between 12 to 17 years old, now immunized.

Furthermore, general health check-ups and awareness classes about winter season effects are still undergoing in the Christmas period, where children play in the snow and enjoy the visit of Santa Claus.

Happy new year 2022 !

Yomari Punhi

Yomari Punhi celebrates the end of rice harvest during Thinla, the second month in the lunar Nepal Era calendar. Yomari comes from two Newari words ya meaning “to like” and mari meaning “delicacy”. In fact, yomari is a rice flour dumpling stuffed with molasses (see the photo). And punhi means “full moon”, so Yomari Punhi is celebrated in full moon day (this year 19th December) by making, eating and distributing yomaris.

BHCA alliance program continues

A new BHCA center opened in Sundrawoti basic school, in Dolakha. A new nurse will work with children to improve their living conditions. In parallel, the Bhim secondary school center, also in Dolakhka, and the Ganesh secondary school in Bhaktapur benefit from the expertise of nurses to complete general checkup whereas in Gujarpa basic school center in Lapilang, awareness classes are given to prevent the common cold. In Sindhuli, the BHCA program provides different kinds of snacks to children, playing ball and participating in extra activities after school.

Completion of building inauguration, book release and social audit program organised by CPCS

The minister for women, children and senior citizens of the Government of Nepal, chief guest for the inauguration of the CPCS new central building in Godawari, among many other special guests, encouraged the brand-new project. The ministry intends to help out CPCS alliance regarding children’s citizenship and birth certificate problems. The day was punctuated by various cultural programs, Jean-Christophe Ryckmans’ book release and speeches in front of an audience of 217 people, mainly children, young people and guests. Furthermore, a social audit program on the last fiscal year combined with a financial report of the organization was completed. The founder of CPCS international, JC Sir, sent a video message to warmly thank the work done by CPCS towards children. The day ended very well with Mr. Bijesh Shrestha, chairman of the organization, who concluded this memorable 4th of December in the company of government agencies, stakeholders, invited guests, donors, visitors and children.

Inauguration of new central building and book release

Today, December 4th, is a big day ! The new central building is inaugurated in the Hotel View Bhrikuti in Godawari and Ryckmans’s book is released.

The new building will be the main headquarter of the CPCS Alliance ensuring rehabilitation programs, with an area dedicated to girls at risk support, recovery center and psychological support base. Children from labor families and daily wages, in difficult economic conditions, will benefit from this helpful project. 

Today’s inauguration will be a discovery for our partners, who will be attending the event alongside many kids.

BHCA : a CPCS alliance project

The BHCA (Better Health Care Access) program is a project supported by CPCS. Schools in Sindhuli, Morang and Kathmandu among others welcome the program to help children from slums and labour families. The main goal is to provide general health check up and awareness classes about communicable disease to children. Also coming up with medicine for cough, fever, acute tonsillitis, common-cold and dignity kits to maintain hygiene, the BHCA program delivers a complete plan of action to cover children’s health.

Finally, the program oversees activities for children after school, distributing them fruits, chocolate and organising lunch.

Dear all,

Oxygen cylinders, protective material, facemasks, disinfectant soap are life-saving during this second Corona wave in Nepal. Help us purchase this vital material.

CPCS thanks you for your generous contribution and for joining us.

Around 75 children visit Morang Regional Center every day. CPCS provides them with homework support, extracurricular activities, sports program as well as library and public awareness programs on a daily basis. The organization also helps them being aware about food and nutrition thanks to the snacks given.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 infections are on the rise again, this is why children also need to be reminded of the importance of wearing masks and being careful about their hygiene.

SFWF joint field visit

Yesterday, CPCS staff organized a SFWF joint field visit in Kathmandu valley. No less than six organization members participated in the program. The visit included Ratnapark, Thamel, Pashupati, Gothataar, and Balaju buspark where the participants met almost 50 youths and their families and had conversations with them. Some of them are really suffering from the consequences of the COVID-19. They are facing serious difficulties due to the pandemic: they are jobless, have thus no income, and lack food.

Educational tour

Last week, the children visited various places in Dolakha, such as Bhimeshwar Temple, Tripura Sundari Temple, Champuja Park or even the View Tower, thanks to educational tour programs. They were very happy for participating to this visit and getting the chance to learn a lot.  CPCS staff would like to thank them as well as the workers of the hotel near Bhimeshwar Temple who provided the children with free juice, biscuits and water.

Holi Festival

This week, the children celebrated Holi, a popular national Hindu festival which celebrates the beginning of Spring. On this day people gather, forget about their grievances, sing, dance and bring love to each other. Due to the situation concerts could not take place as they usually do in most cities, yet children had fun playing with colors, as they are believed to take all sorrow away and make life colorful. Happy Holi !

Interacting seminar

On the 21st of March the rural municipality of Dolakha and some of its different organizations organized an interacting seminar which aimed at discussing the provision of Children Act 2077 and its implementation on the local scale of the district. The program was even conducted by Aatmaram Thapa who is an official member of the National Child Rights Council in the Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens.

Yesterday, the staff of Janajyoti secondary school BHCA center said goodbye to Miss Sulochana, a nurse who resigned a few days ago. They thanked her for her great support and honest work and wished her the best for the future.

Instead, they welcomed Miss Anamika Thapa in the vacant post and handed her all the required materials for her missions to come.

Visiting Sober Girls Rehab Center

Today CPCS staff visited the Sober Girls Rehab Center to organize a health camp for the girls who have been sent there through the National Child Rights Council.

Among the 55 girls present, 36 benefited from a health check-up.

They were mainly affected by leukorrhea, which caused them white or yellowish vaginal discharge. Hence, they were given a cream and also advised on how to maintain their hygiene.

There were also other illnesses such as abdominal pain, urgency (not able to control urine), skin burning sensation, chest pain, eye irritation or redness, toothache, cough, headache, menstrual disorder, nausea, or even STDs. Thanks to the medicine and advice provided, they got much better!

Publication of the yearly progress report

Hi everyone,

The new progress report of CPCS international association is henceforth available. Just click on the link below if you want to discover it. Enjoy your reading !

Bonjour à toutes et à tous,

Le nouveau rapport des progressions de l’association internationale CPCS est dorénavant disponible. N’hésitez pas à cliquer sur le lien ci-dessous pour le découvrir. Agréable lecture!

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