A summary of our Activities (in Nepal) :

  1. Socialization centers facilities welcoming 30 to 50 children daily
  2. Informal Education Service: working in the street and meeting with 20 to 50 children and youths daily
  3. Field activities covering more than 20 areas in 8 districts (mainly around Morang, Sindhuli, Dolakha, Kathmandu and Lalitpur districts): 4000 to 5000 beneficiaries per month
  4. Emergency line available 24 hours a day in Katmandu and focusing on children and youths in street situations
  5. Recovery center and medical care for 50 to 70 children, youths and street adults monthly
  6. Counseling and psychological support for 200 to 300 children monthly (mainly in Dolakha and Kathmandu offices)
  7. Research on various issues (abuse)
  8. BHCA (Better Health Care Access) and awareness (about Gender Based Violence, Sexual Education, Drugs, etc.) for schoolchildren and guardians daily (12 000 to 15 000 beneficiaries per month)
  9. Youth Empowerment Programs for 20-40 youths in street situation
  10. Family visits and reunification for 10-15 children monthly
  11. Schooling support for 15.000 children (through BHCA program or other programs).
  12. Public awareness campaigns
  13. Socialization and alphabetization classes for 1600-1800 children daily
  14. Raise of international awareness about children’s rights and the case of children in street situations
  15. Local networking and international partnerships
  16. Rehabilitation process for 30-50 children and youths
  17. Hygiene and clothes distribution for 1200 to 1600 Children
  18. Street bank for children in street situations
  19. Leisure activities as picnics, camps or games in the open
  20. Kitchen club – feeding 100 to 200 children daily (+ snacks for 1500)
  21. Raise of children’s self-esteem and awareness about children’s rights, fundamental rights and national law.
  22. Children library and literacy classes for 1500-1800 children daily
  23. Child social rehabilitation process, and individual interventions for children and youths
  24. Child rights protection programs – security, legal help and court actions

The Structure of CPCS :