The Emergency Line

The emergency line is a medical and legal information center open 24 hours a day. This line has been operational for over 4 years and is used by many children and by the general population. We have a car on location which allows us to act immediately if necessary (problems with the police, medical emergencies, etc). Every month, many children, parents, organizations, police officers, and other individuals call.

Solicitations are numerous. Our cars are able to respond to the several calls within 30 minutes. We receive many calls from children who need medical treatment, legal support or who need help to get back the wages that their employers owe them. The police do not hesitate either to contact us when they accuse a child of stealing, public nuisance… We also have to deal with them when they keep in custody a newcomer in the street. In these cases, few parents come to take the child back. Every month, we receive lots of calls from the children, the parents (to report lost children), the police, the NGO partners and the public (to ask information).