Support a life

Dear friends of CPCS, 

After some reflection, CPCS has decided to relaunch a sponsorship program. 
The children involved will be those in the center of Bishal Nagar, a rehabilitation center and school for boys, based in Kathmandu. 

Parrainables children are those whose family situation, for a long time, may prevent the possibility of rehabilitation (with Family). Of course this future integration is and will remain a priority even if a full residential support of the child will be required for several months or years. 

As you may know, CPCS, since 2008, crossover a very difficult financial situation. Still, we managed to keep our programs running, as far as it can be and as best we can. 

We do not spend money nor rely on a “communication/advertisement structure” to promote our work. We hope to develop this sponsorship program by word-of-mouth and by the strength of conviction of those who came here, saw our action or those who follow us from a distance. 

The Document and form is HEREin its French version. English and Neederlands version will follow soon..

If you appreciate our work, our philosophy, please feel free to forward this document to any interested persons … 

You can follow our work on the facebook group CPCS entitled “The friends of CPCS.” 

We regularly post photos (respecting the right of children to the image) and information centers and programs. 

The CPCS Team.