Psychological Support

Many street children suffer from psychological and psychosocial problems such as low self-esteem, loneliness, anxiety, depression, various fears, feelings of hopelessness, feeling alone and afraid and aggressive behaviour all of which are often a result of poverty, violence due to the conflict, lack of parenting and sexual, physical or mental abuse.

CPCS addresses all these problems through our counselling programs. The counselling services serve to improve the overall mental health of the street children by having them participate in individual and group counselling sessions.  We also provide them with information and awareness about various risks such as HIV, drugs, alcohol and exploitation.


Individual and Group counseling:

Hundreds of children are in danger, made more fragile by many psychosocial problems. The counsellors work with the children to identify their psychosocial challenges, to look for traumas that haunt them (physical, moral or sexual abuses), to work on their dreams, their wishes…with the ultimate goal being to rebuild their psychological health. The counselling team providing individual and group counselling is composed of one full-time counsellor and an expert in awareness programs.


Awareness Classes:

The awareness classes, run by the CPCS social workers, educate the children on a number of important issues (mental, sexual and physical abuses, HIV/aids, exploitation, the use of drugs, STDs etc.) and to advise them on health and hygiene. Without any proper knowledge about diseases, the child can hardly avoid them or take particular dispositions. Therefore, it is important to inform the child through awareness classes. Once they are warned, we can notice a more vigilant and watchful attitude from the children.

One very important topic the awareness classes address is mental, sexual and physical abuse. During these sessions our counsellors and social workers try to make the children understand that abuse is a crime and that they can safely talk about it if they are victims of such abuse.