Street Kids and the Right of Image : Whether you are a journalist or tourist reporting the daily life in Nepal, we ask you adopt the Spirit of Journalism in your approaches to Street Children.
🙂 Individuals must not be identifiable so that any third party will not be able to make a link between the child and the photo or story.
🙂 The child and their caregiver or protector must give verifiable consent.
🙂 The use of prearranged photos taken in protectedenvironments (schools, hospitals,…) requires a written release or consent form.

No Future through Begging_Nepali ,  No Future Through Begging_Hindi ,  No future through begging_English : There are other ways to support street children.
In Nepal, like in many other countries, thousands of children survive left to their own devices. They wander the streets looking for good-hearted people, tourists and locals, and many of them manage to get money, food and find accommodation, even if temporary, through begging.
Unfortunately, this way of living has dire consequences. The begging child is socially demeaned and sees himself as a parasite dependent upon the good will of people, and little beggars sometimes support real criminal gangs.
The fruit of his collections are generally used for drugs(glue, pharmaceuticals, alcohol or cigarettes) or in other ephemeral pleasures.

Devenir Marraine/Parrain interested by this project, contact CPCS-International by phone or email and ask our file “sponsorship”.
IntĂ©ressĂ© par ce projet, rien de plus simple, contactez CPCS-International par tĂ©lĂ©phone ou courriel et demandez notre dossier « parrainage ».

 Become Volunteer, Vrijwilliger worden, Devenir volontaire :

Becoming a volunteer for street children and children at risk in Nepal.
Volunteer, tourist, friend and sponsor : there are many ways to do « something Â». « Volunteering Â», working for a good cause, is growing in importance all over the world. And the boundaries between humanitarion tourism, cooperation, social work, north-south relations and self-financing programs are often difficult to distinguish. Therefore, the functioning of our project needs some explanations that you will find here in our Volunteer Form: Volunter for CPCS in Nepal.