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The streets worldwide, of the poor as well as of the rich countries are a shelter for many children.  In spite of their youth, they are easy preys for some forms of exploitation and feel social exclusion day after day.  Our organization decided to do something for them, with them, from the human and respectful point of view.  The adventure is big and we need friends, partners, moral, practical and financial support.


To make a donation:


* To Nepal :

  CPCS International
     Address: Pipalbot, Dillibazar, Kathmandu
     Account number: 001 050101027 28
     Bank : Nepal Investment Bank
     Swift Code : NIBLNPKT


* In Belgium :

  7A Rue de Larmont
  5377 Noiseux, Belgium

  Belfius: Child Protection Centers and Services – International
    BE90 0689 0378 8332

  KBC: CPCS International
    BE74 7340 1075 7107