Legal Protection

Relations between street children and security alliances are very tense in Nepal. Many street children are illegally arrested, abused by the police, military personnel and private security staff. Legal authorities often take the street children into custody without evidence and many times those children are charged with various criminal activities they never committed. CPCS has a team of lawyers which works diligently at defending and pleading the cases of street children who are in custody and prison.

As our organization works with street children, we have often witnessed illegal actions from legal authorities and security personnel. Numerous are the children thrown in prison without any precise or justified accusation, because they are considered as objectors.

We have always had and continue to work with security forces (and the police) concerning the street children. We attempt to sensitise them to the problems street children face (drugs, abuses…) and encourage them to bring street children directly to CPCS (instead of putting them in custody). We can notice that the police officers, which have contacts with our staffs, have a more and more positive attitude towards the street children. Our relations are slowly improving and increasingly they allow the children call our emergency line when they are arrested.