Schooling Program

When any immediate possibility of family reinsertion is possible, the rehabilitation program encourages and permits the children who show enough interest and will to attend classes. From a different and traditional way compared with our parallel and adapted education system, school and its context provide interesting ways of socialization.

We selected children who showed a strong motivation to study and who gradually wanted to leave the street life and reintegrate into society. Going out of the street and attend classes is a difficult choice and a complicated but possible challenge when the child is ready to go forward. We support street children who are eager to become or to become again pupils. Once placed in the rehabilitation program and supported by our teams, many children find the strength to achieve this challenge.

We see the wonderful aspects of this program in terms of reintegration of the children with their family or into society.  They learn Nepali, English, mathematics as well as social studies and they participate in sports, drawing and painting.