CPCS Medical Services

CPCS has opened a clinic in order to provide the street children with a basic access to medical facilities and health care. It is a medical center opened 24 hours a day that offers the street children and youth a complete service. A qualified doctor, trained nurses and social workers work in shift without interruption. From benign infections to serious diseases, the child knows that he will be taken in charge in CPCS.

We offer street children outpatient, inpatient and pharmacy services and refer more serious cases to the hospitals (severe wounds, tuberculosis, aids, hepatitis…) or for x-rays and medical tests.

Even if it occurs that some of our young patient decease, the clinic usually gets very good results. Thanks to our street- and center-based medical actions, we have relieved and even often saved many lives. The clinic of CPCS is a wonderful tool for all our programs.

We currently have at our disposal in the clinic beds for emergency treatments, for tropical diseases, for general treatments and a room for consulting hours. We also let a TV room, a library and several games at the children’s disposal.

Besides the various diseases and infection we have to care for, we often have to treat wounds and injuries, fits of fever and other problems. We come across more and more children infected by HIV/aids. We have detected 15 cases among our young patients. We are sad to report that five children have died of PLWHA. One of the deceased was one of our first patients and we have honored him by naming our clinic in his memory: CPCS Rajesh Clinic.

The clinic is entirely taken in charge by the American Simons Foundation, through the intervention of American Himalayan Foundation.

The co-operation and efficient co-ordination of all our medical departments has ensured excellent results in our clinics, increased public awareness, improved hygiene practices, regular follow up and rehabilitation.