The Kitchen Club

In the centers, the children are required to participate in the daily activities. An example that illustrates this is the « Kitchen Club ».  In 2006, CPCS opened a canteen system for meals and snacks but many children lacked respect for the canteen and its owner. The children complained about the price and quality of the food. Consequently, the canteen was replaced by the Kitchen Club at the beginning of 2007. Each child is assigned into different groups such as the scholar program or the reunification program. Each group has a delegate who supervises the purchase of food on the market, the accounting (money withdrawn from the allotted funds) as well as the list of responsibilities related to the kitchen and cleaning. Particular attention is paid to the safety and quantity of food in stock, distributed, eaten or even thrown away. It is the role of the children to be creative and care about the kitchen area, including cleanliness and the look of the kitchen. Life skills are continually being learned: respect for others, tolerance, teamwork and leadership. We also value improvement their self confidence in their abilities to complete given tasks in a timely manner. Every day, 2 children from the kitchen club prepare rice, lentils and vegetables for all members of their group. This is one example among many others.