Children Awareness

The reasons which lead children to the street are multiple and complex: socio-economic conditions in the village, disintegration of the family cell (often associated with alcohol), domestic violence, the attraction of the city, political instability, friend’s pressure, etc. It is often within the interaction of all these factors (economic, political and social) that the real reasons are to be found. Each group of people crossing the path of these children is more or less part of one of these causes (departure to the street or willingness to stay there).

Similarly, once in the streets, children interact with different stakeholders: shop keepers, police officers, tourists and the general public. They are frequently not well informed about street children so they consider them as “third class society members”. Thus, the lack of awareness further increases the marginalization process by putting those children “on the banks of the society”.

CPCS has developed awareness activities with messages adapted for each stakeholder or group it addresses. Awareness sessions on domestic violence, risks of street life are preferably conducted with the families. Awareness sessions for the public tend to be more general. The focus may be about street children and tourists; and on the attitude to adopt when a child begs for money.

A more detailed description of our Awareness Campaigns and Programs is available in our Yearly report.
You can download it here:   Yearly report