Banking system

Children have the opportunity to deposit money in the CPCS Street children banking system. They just have to ask for their money if they need it. We established this program on the request of the children. Living in street involves facing many dreads as theft or racketing, which deprive them of their tough-earned money. Through education in this area, the children come to understand why depositing their earnings in a bank is a safe and viable alternative. The benefits of this system are twofold as it also provides an opportunity to further socialize the children and helps them adopt a more responsible lifestyle.

We offer two bank account possibilities:

  1. Current/deposit account: The child can deposit or take out money as he wishes. The proceeds from the sale of their goods are directly deposited into their current account.  They can then transfer some of the money from their current account (their working account) into their savings account.
  2. Savings account: The savings accounts opened in our shelters are partially blocked. Money can be deposited all around in Kathmandu during our daily field visits. This process teaches the children how to save part of their earnings for future use and allows the children to take benefit in few months of an important amount of money that permits the launching of a lucrative activity. They have been rewarded with Rs.2/-in per Kg. from selling their goods and developing a savings strategy. This program has begun in the early September 2005 and is ruled by the following directives:


Rates of interest:

  • Level 1 – (0 to 10 weeks)     = 0% interest and one t-shirt
  • Level 2 – (10 to 20 weeks)   = 10% interest with one pair of half pants
  • Level 3 – (20 to 30 weeks)   = 15% interest with one pair of trousers
  • Level 4 – (30 to 40 weeks)   = 20% interest